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We take on projects that need a unique solution. We develop and create technology that pursues the biggest amount of impact to the purposes of our clients.To be able to achieve this, we develop our own hardware and software, from prototype to production, and the tools required for each project. Usually we take on atypical projects with a very high technological component. In short, if your project is technological and you cannot find a solution, we can help you.

We're Creative

Our work is a continuous search for the best creative technological solution. Why not questioning all technological solutions designed when we want something different?

Our technological solutions are premised on the use of creativity as an engine to free us from artificial restrictions, so we can achieve the right solution, opportunity or competitive difference.

Why not reinvent the lightbulb?


Nª ideas


Hours being missed at home


Coffe capsules from a brand that we are not going to advertise in our web unless they pay us a huge amount of cash (or give us them for free).


Points lost with our couples.

If you want different results, do not do always the same

Albert Einstein

When the rate of change within the company is exceeded by the rate of change outside, the end is near

Jack Welch

Innovation is finding new or improved uses for existing resources

Peter Drucker

The essence of creativity is not being afraid to fail

Edwin H. Land

Every act of creation is first an act of destruction

Pablo Picasso

Creativity is to think of new ideas. Innovation is doing new things

Theodore Levitt

Action must not be a reaction, it must be a creation

Mao Tse-Tung

You can not solve today's problems with yesterday's solutions

Roger Van Oech

It's not that I'm so smart, it's just that I stay with problems longe

Albert Einstein

Ser creativo es no dar por sentado y asumir a ciegas los procesos de tus competidores

Kan tze mu

We love limitations, because they are the cause of inspiration

Susan Sontag

People ignore design that ignores people

Kan tze mu

Creativity is not a new, but is a new vision

Edith Wharton

I defend myself creating

André Malraux

The truth of the world is very much as we see, but also as we imagine

Gastón Guernik

Constant innovation is the only way to stay competitive, because no advantage is sustainable in the long term

Jorge González Moore

What We Do
Hardware and industrial prototyping

All our knowledge in hardware and industrial prototyping at your service.


From idea to product, will help you with every step.

Production processes

We can help you improve your production processes.

Industrial design

We can take care of every step of the design of your next product.

First unit of production line

We’ll manage every process until your company has the first unit of the production line.


We develop out own firmware Ad hoc for our devices.


We'll help you innovate from inside your company so the seed can grow.

What We Do

All our knowledge in software at your service

APP and Interfaces

We develop all kind of apps in every platform.


We develop all kind of interfaces for every platform.

Web OS

We have our own web operative system which lets us generate secure collaborative environments for large taskforces.

Big Data

In the world of Big Data our technology allows a greater analysis capacity and non structured data processing.

Cira Technology

CIRA is an intelligent system that allows communication between man and machine, allowing interaction with any device through natural verbal communication, as we would do between humans.

WorkFlow Systems

Cloud working environment where the professional works, shares, collaborates and communicates with clients, coworkers or business without the need for installations or maintenance every day of the year. it works from any device, desktop or mobile.

What We Do
Entertainment Technology

All our knowledge and experiences in entertainment technology at your service.

Smart Lighting

We develop our own smart lighting devices and setups, any topology, configuration power and environment to cover all your lighting needs.


We develop technology, from our own tools to the final products for our clients.


Mechanics, micromechanics, actuators, sensors, we can make complex moving systems to create Ad Hoc robots for any application


Any platform, any language, any purpose, our team of developers know no limits.


Planning, designing, crafting, if you need it, we can make it.

Creating from scratch

It's not always the solution, but when it's needed we can create anything from nothing.

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